Can I use a steam cleaner on my floor?

This is a question we get asked very often, the simple answer is we do not recommend. 

The constant application of that much steam at high pressure over time will cause your floor to react adversely. This can be in the form of curling, swelling, coming apart of the boards or detaching of the surface.

We do not advise this to be used on Laminates, Vinyl, Engineered wood or Solid wood. 

So, you are probably wondering; how do I clean my floors?

  • Start by hovering the floor to pick up any dirt’s, even the ones that are hiding away in the grooves and grains of the floor.
  • Then simply mop your floor using any floor cleaner of your choice. 

 Make sure to avoid using cleaners with bleach, if choosing to use traditional mop buckets, you have to make sure this is squeezed to be just damp and not dripping.