Flooring Trends 2021

Choosing a floor can be very daunting with so many options, brands and types out there. Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration.

The past year has been a year to forget for obvious reasons but the flooring industry in general has been boosted with people opting to carry out home repairs and modernization making the most of being at home. We have compiled what we believe has been the popular demand of 2020 and early 2021 so you do not have to.


Think blank canvas. If you are reading this then you are most likely in the process of searching for the perfect floor and probably have come across so many shades and finishes at this stage but just can not find that colour you have in mind. This is where the unfinished comes into play for you.

The unfinished planks come in various thickness and dimensions and sometimes can be made bespoke for you. There are various companies that provide stains and finishes, contact us today and we can recommend one for you. You can shop our unfinished range here.



The grey / whitewashed flooring is now synonymous with the modern look. We were all expecting the grey craze to slow down 4 years ago but fortunately for most interior decorators this is here to stay.

Premier 14mm x 125mm Grey White Washed


 Luxury vinyl tiles has grown in popularity. The public now have a better understanding of these product as there were often confused for Lino roll flooring. One of the drawbacks was the installation process as the standard Luxury vinyl tile were glued down – this is not usually DIY friendly as the preparation involved can be daunting.

The Click system on the other hand is more tolerable and can be installed on underlays or come already pre attached with underlays which makes the installation a lot easier. You can browse our range of click vinyl here.

Lalegno Cortese