Below are two pictures, one is a Vinyl floor whilst the other is a laminate, can you tell which is which from the pictures alone?



A is the laminate with B being the Vinyl. Like we say to our customers once the floor is down only you and your floor fitter will know what floor you have chosen.

Now that we have established the similarity in the looks, let us dive into the technical side, why go for either?


Laminates are generally easier to install; this is because there can go over an underlay on most surfaces.  Due to the construct of the Vinyl’s, the installation depends on the option you have selected. The glue down format of Vinyl tiles requires preparation of the sub-floor which can be costly as you will need a professional. Thankfully, we now have the Vinyl tiles also coming in the click system and are more tolerable, but we will still recommend the sub-floor to be in good condition.


Both products offer a wide array of colours , thickness and styles . 

You can be sure to find bevelled planks , herringbone style , wide and narrow boards , chevron and herringbone styles.

That being said we believe the LVT just might have that bit more variety as not only can you get boards as narrow as 90mm wide you can do a lot with LVT especially taking advantage of the design strips. Below is an example of an LVT floor.


Both are easy to clean, all you need to do is vacuum and mop with a damp cloth. You can use a range of floor cleaners such as the easy shine from unika as well as karndean cleaner. We do not recommend submerging the floor in water as very minimal water is needed to clean.


Both Laminates and LVT are durable in general. There are advantages to either in this range.

LVT are made from PVC which makes them waterproof and the perfect choice for areas with excessive moisture like where we will not generally recommend laminate in these areas. 

Both floors stand up well to everyday use and usually do not mark as easy as the solid or engineered woods would.


This does vary but in our experience, the laminate is cheaper as a whole.

 Laminates typically range from £6.99 to £ 37.99 per m2 for the products. Installation on average is £16.per m2 and this is towards the high end as you can usually find a lot of independent fitters that will install for £9 – £ 11 per m2.

LVT on the other hand generally ranges from £12.99 to £ 70 per m2 .

Installation can also have extra hidden cost which means this can be as much as £50 – 60 per m2 to install depending on the level of preparation needed or style.

We hope we have helped you decide on the right floor, and just in case you have any more queries you can certainly give us a ring or drop us an email at

You can shop our range of Laminates and LVT.

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